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Study abroad service

If you are looking for support in searching for and applying to foreign Universities for a postdoctoral or research position, or for a PhD program, I offer a personalized service support to help you get accepted in an appropriate Institution.

You have a personalized interaction with me because I offer this service independently More information here.

Manuscript Editing

As independent experienced scientist, in addition to manuscript editing and training courses in scientific writing and publication techniques, I offer a fast and high quality editing service for scientific manuscripts. For manuscript editing, am contacted mostly by referrals from other professors, to whom I provide recurrent services.

Examples of edited manuscripts

The links below show a few examples of recently published manuscripts that I have edited in Frontiers in Immunology, Parasitology Research, Scientific Reports, PLOS ONE and others:

* Tang X et al. A Novel Vaccine Delivery Model of the Apicomplexan Eimeria tenella Expressing Eimeria maxima Antigen Protects Chickens against Infection of the Two Parasites
==> Frontiers in Immunology, January 10, 2018,

* N. Savir et al. IFN-β: A Contentious Player in Host–Pathogen Interaction in Tuberculosis
==> Int. Journal Molecular Science 2017

* Dong H. et al. Differences in pathogenicity of three animal isolates of Mycobacterium species in a mouse model

* Li P. et al Mechanism of Apoptosis Induction by Mycoplasmal Nuclease MGA_0676 in Chicken Embryo Fibroblasts
==> Front Cell Infect Microbiol.

* Tang X et al.An optimized DNA extraction method for molecular identification of coccidian species
==> Parasitology Research March 2018,

* Jia et al. The gastrointestinal tract microbiota of northern white-cheeked gibbons (Nomascus leucogenys) varies with age and captive condition
==> Scientific Reports Volume 8, Article number: 3214 (2018)

* J Xia et al. Genome-Wide Bimolecular Fluorescence Complementation-Based Proteomic Analysis of Toxoplasma gondii ROP18’s Human Interactome Shows Its Key Role in Regulation of Cell Immunity and Apoptosis
==> Frontiers in Immunology, 05 February 2018,

Note: All documents are revised to the same high standards. I use the Chicago Manual of Style and the Scientific Style and Format from the Council of Science Editors as basis and references for editing. Note that reviewers’ judgment of the English language is frequently unreliable. In some cases they criticize English that is grammatically correct and well written.

Price is based on an initial word count and includes help with your cover letter; abstract rephrasing if necessary; English check of manuscript and response letter to reviewers after submission and check of manuscript changes. Manuscripts longer than 9,000 words and/or requiring extensive editing/rewriting will be provided with a specific quote. In some cases the cost may be lower. However, the final costs are based on the time required to do the full editing, because some manuscripts require very extensive modifications and very long times, even if they are very short.

My editing not only provides grammar’s revision and wording, but also professional scientific suggestions, logic and even writing tricks.


After you send me your manuscript I will contact you with a final estimate for the cost.
In all cases, manuscript or document editing is normally done in three or four business days. I provide invoices. Payment Options: Normally by bank transfer to a US Bank. Contact me if you are interested in other payment method, like AliPay or credit card.

Free writing workshops or courses when contracting editing services

Simultaneously edit your manuscripts and prepare your students and researchers with a cost-effective, life-time learning program with practical instructions to write manuscripts for publication in scientific journals.

If you contract my editing services for multiple manuscripts, I will offer free “on-site” workshops. At the SAME TIME that I edit your manuscripts I give workshops and courses where I can train your students, in person, to improve their writing skills. Schedule: Full courses are 1 week long. Workshops are 3 hours. At your location in Lab or University Department


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